One of the best movie lines ever, "How you like them apples?", delivered by Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting is a victory lap for Matt when he gets his love interest's phone number and his rival doesn't. The Fat Toad Farm goat's milk caramel apples are another sort of taunting---but the good kind. What began as a garage experiment in homesteading and hand milking a single French Alpine doe named Jupiter, has grown into a beloved Vermont goat milk caramel production that satisfies year round sweet tooth cravings in New England and beyond. In autumn, however, the caramel apple tradition reigns. After a blue sky day apple picking, save a few of the most lovely apples and swirl them in bubbling Fat Toad Farm caramel for a unique and wonderful caramel apple tradition--any of the flavors are fabulous, but the cinnamon is especially divine.
cuisine American
difficulty Simple
season Fall
serves 4