Oyster Plates

The WT collection of oyster plates is a curated selection of Old World and fine handmade American new oyster plates. The vintage and antique ceramic and porcelain hand painted bivalve plates that include works from an apprentice to 19th century George Jones (one of the world’s most famous majolica artists) and World War I and II pieces that reflect war and peace. Works produced by artists standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Picasso in the famous Vallarius, France ceramics studio showcase avant- garde cubism, Picasso’s blue period, and the artist’s spanish influence on the art of his northern neighbors. Some of the earlier works produced by the world’s most prestigious ceramics factory, Minton, that in 1793 began sharing the art of porcelain and ceramic making to westerners from technology imported from China, continues today to be the oyster plates by which the quality and beauty of all others are measured.