The Art of Social (Distance) Cooking

The OFYR Grill

OFYR Grill

Physically Distanced, Socially Connected

Master the art of social (distance) grilling and nourish body and soul while entertaining outdoors. OFYR cooking allows us to cook and socialize safely outside at home 6 feet apart:  a 39” diameter cast iron grill plate provides  plenty of room around the grill for a physically distanced, socially connected celebration—the kind we have all been missing.

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Make New Memories

Around the Fire

Designed to inspire immersive, memory-making dining experiences, the OFYR takes 8000 years of playing with fire and elevates it into a healthy way to cook, socialize, and be safe together at home and outside.

Heart (and Soul) Healthy

The OFYR’s virtually non-stick seasoned cast iron surface requires minimal oil for cooking and creates extraordinary tasting food. Whether it is charred and caramelized vegetables grilled directly on the surface,  lobsters roasting on the raised grate soaking in the smoky flavor of the burning wood, or gently and quickly seared slices of fish with pots of bubbling sauces keeping company nearby, the OFYR creates an opportunity to nurture social cravings while safely enjoying a  food-centered gathering outdoors.




the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination

Beautifully crafted of weather-ready steel,  the wood burning OFYR is an elevated centerpiece for social outdoor grilling any time of the year--even when the weather turns frigid and all but the polar bears and penguins retreat indoors. The three-piece design encourages transport from the backyard to seaside or mountain to take social (distance) gatherings on the road.