Staub cast iron cookware is at the intersection of function and beauty. Kitchen workhorses, these heavy gorgeous pots and pans are designed and engineered.
The exterior is available in a sophisticated and rich high gloss, almost glass-like, enamel finish color palette including grenadine and dark blue. For those emulating Michelin star chefs and super hero powers, Staub’s signature sleek panther-like black matte is a versatile chameleon: whether used over a fire in the great outdoors or just to admire stove top in a Manhattan skyscraper apartment, Staub is the home chef’s secret weapon. The technology that gives its cast-iron an edge over all other contenders is the self-basting lid. The spikes on the underside of the lid are skillfully arranged to keep steam and moisture inside the pot while cooking.

Staub cocottes (the French name for a Dutch Oven), gratins, frying and roasting pans, as well as other specialty cookware such as fondue and mussel pots, all sport a black matte porous interior that develops a natural seasoning over time that also becomes virtually non-stick the more you use it. To boot, the dark interior keeps the inside of the pot looking pristine--no staining, no scuff marks, another way in which Staub has succeeded in marrying practical use and purpose with a gorgeous design.

When you purchase Staub cast iron cookware, you are investing in heirloom quality with a lifetime warranty. Pot by pot, Staub supports its local community and continues to manufacture cast iron in Alsace, France.