Rocks & Double Old Fashioned Glasses

Sip in style with our selection of rocks & double old-fashioned glasses designed for bourbon, scotch and whiskey connoisseurs. Every spirits glass should be comfortable in the hand, show off the color of the bourbon, whiskey, scotch, or other alcohol, and should be strikingly handsome in its shape, size and detail.
As the name suggests, a rocks glass is made to hold ice cubes (rocks), and is smaller than a double old-fashioned glass. For the most part, rocks glasses are a shorter tumbler sized to hold little more than spirits and ice. Double Old-Fashioned glasses, referred to as DOFs, on the other hand, are generously sized and may be used to serve spirited cocktails with ice cubes or crushed iced. A DOF also makes an attractive water glass on a set table. Both types of glasses may be used to serve spirits neat. Our collection includes glasses and glass sets from MATCH Pewter, Simon Pearce, William Yeoward Crystal, several Old World artisan made style, and a curated selection of vintage glasses in both styles. The pewter-bottomed MATCH Pewter rocks and double old-fashioned glasses are a gentleman’s favorite--at once classy and sporty. Simon Pearce, with glasses named for Vermont places such as Shoreham, Ascutney, Echo Lake, Ludlow, Bristol, Sterling Pond, and Woodbury are American-made, hefty, hand-blown works of functional art designed for life. Additionally, we offer our own Simon Pearce collection of etched and engraved glasses that include lobster, sailboat, fly fishing, and skis and poles original illustrations. William Yeoward Crystal is classic English drinkware made in Europe and inspired by the history of sipping spirits stateside and across the pond during the 18th and 19th centuries and hold a Royal Warrant from HRH the Prince of Wales-a testament to the quality and beauty of the crystal cut and etched glassware. Our collection of DOFs and whisky glasses made by less well-known artisans are European classics. One maker is well-known in Sweden for providing glassware to the noble family and another is an English maker that produces affordable, yet luxurious etched star glasses.

Both MATCH Pewter and Simon Pearce glasses may be custom engraved for a personalized bar or gift. We also offer our own exclusive and original ski, fly fishing, lobster, and sailboat-themed etched glasses for an everyday extraordinary spirit sipping experience.