Blankets & Throws

New Englanders know more than a bit about managing the layers needed to stay comfortable as the weather changes. Mark Twain quipped, “If you don’t like New England weather, wait a few minutes.” During those minutes, we know just how to keep you covered—in style.
Our summer collection of blankets and throws includes eco-friendly In2Green options that mingle plastic bottles and scrap cotton into modern casual designs that work as well for beach blanket bingo as they do to wrap around the shoulders lakeside as the sun goes down. Matouk throws are chunky, weighty sold knits for napping and draping in style. Wool is a Yankee’s best friend and for hundreds of years, this natural fiber has provided textile mills with limitless opportunities to weave colors, patterns, and aesthetics directly into the fabric. The Libeco Belgian textiles are lightweight 100% pure linen luxury breathable throws that keep and keep shoulders covered in the summer sun. Our American-made favorites include the National Parks collection from Pendleton, a Pacific Northwest company that has been milling high-quality woolens for more than a century, and Swans Island, a small producer of luxury blankets and throws made by shearing, dying, and hand-weaving the wool of sheep that arrive on the island by dinghy. Our own wool and wool and cashmere-blend blankets are made in the Old World in Ireland, Scotland, and Wales and reflect hundreds of years of expertise in keeping heads, hearts, and hands warm along the bone-chilling shores of island countries. South American Alpaca, the new kid on the block in luxury woven blankets, include selections from Tuwi, an English company spinning organic dye and chemical-free baby alpaca yarn and Alicia Adams, an American company proudly offering fair trade selections in thick and chunky stitched Morgan throws and the vegan suede trimmed ribbed throws that appeal to both men and women for use wrapping up near the fire at home or mountainside. A home staple, blankets and throws have added value in creating an inviting ambience.