Vintage & Antique Cutting & Serving Boards

Grazing boards, charcuterie, and cheese boards are an easy, something for everyone, way to feed families or entertain on the weekends. The options are only limited by one’s own imagination.
Part of the appeal of bites of food arranged on a serving board is the variety and endless possibilities. For the grazer, the visual impact immediately stimulates the appetite and it is not just the food but also the board on which it is served. We find vintage English or French cutting, serving, patisserie, or boulangerie boards (boards originally purposed for cooling bread from fireplace hearths) most appealing. They have the scars of a century or more use and these scars add to their charm. Whether you choose a round board or a rectangular board makes little difference, what is important is that you use the shape to inform how you arrange items on it. Round cutting or serving boards are awesome for placing in the center of a table and filled with clusters of fruit, vegetables arranged to draw the eye to the center of the board. Rectangular cutting and serving boards are classic and come in more sizes—like grazing, there is something for every occasion. Boards for two can be made for a romantic in front of the fire on a cold winter night easy light supper filled with selections of cheese and charcuterie or a giant serving board filled with a cornucopia of sliced, diced, pickled, and preserved spreads, cheeses, crackers, fruits, vegetables, and meats. Whatever board you choose, and we believe the older and heavier and more loved, the better your finished assembly will taste.