Gien Tableware

Synonymous with prestigious tableware, Gien is renowned for their warm white clays hand-painted with traditional motifs reminiscent of French life.
Founded in 1821, the Faïencerie de Gien maintains an unwavering commitment to provenance, even as Gien gained prestige as a sign of luxury in France during the Golden Age and became a globally-recognized earthenware manufacturer. Artisans in France have crafted each piece in factories in Gien, a city located near the Loire Valley castles, for the last two centuries. This heirloom-quality, bespoke dinnerware lives up to its reputation. Gien attracts the highest talent of manufacturers technically and artistically, allowing Gien to live up to its mission “to reinvent the fine earthenware of tomorrow while relying on its bicentennial roots.” The classic, minimally-detailed Filet collection, the Sologne collection decorated with creatures of the woodland forests surrounding the French presidential palace, and the intricate details of the Les Depareillees collection showcase Gien’s creative range that blends tradition with a modern, mismatched sensibility. Further, the Gien Chambord collection rendered with black-and-white forest creatures and the vibrantly-colored Gien Millefleurs collection featuring elegant bouquets of French flowers reveal Gien’s extensive color palette. Our Gien offerings include all of the dinnerware and serving pieces needed to create an elevated entertaining tablescape: dinner, salad, cake and canape plates, pasta, salad, and cereal bowls, serving platters, tureens, pitchers, and more.