MATCH Pewter Barware & Drinkware

The crown jewel of the MATCH Pewter collection is the glass and pewter bar and drinkware.
A sophisticated Old World selection of pewter and glass bar and drinkware that remains as relevant on the home bar today as it did when Italian pewter artisans first started producing it centuries ago in family-owned workshops dotting the Tuscan countryside. At once a nostalgic nod to artisan craft, the pewter forging tradition has been updated for the modern home bar to include tall highball glasses, double old fashioned and rocks glasses, pilsner and pint beer glasses, cocktail coups, champagne glasses, snifters, cordials, and a variety of wine glasses. Crystal clear glass and handsome brilliantly lustered pewter bases make for everyday extraordinary and celebratory entertaining.

The world’s finest cocktail shaker delivers a vessel for shaking and pouring icy cold drinks A selection of long and short stirrers, a wine funnel, a gorgeous heirloom jigger, and a bar knife provide all the tools in a serious mixologist repertoire.

Champagne and wine buckets and bottle basins, designed for both for individual and multiple bottles, are showstopping display pieces that draw the eye and instantly register luxurious quality while at the same time providing contemporary functionality.

Old world decanter shapes, a selection of beer glasses including wine and champagne coupes and glasses, pints and pilsners, bourbon, whiskey, and double old-fashioned.

To personalize this heirloom quality MATCH Pewter collection and make it a one-of-a-kind gift, hand engraving is available for nearly every piece in the collection.