Simon Pearce Home & Lifestyle

Entire glass collections are inspired by places that evoke personality, nature, and a completely unique aesthetic. With its fine wrapped glass strands, the Echo Lake Collection for example, is a tribute to the Vermont waterways that are frozen in winter and free-flowing in summer.
With twenty-two trees of various species and sizes, Simon Pearce pays tribute to the Green Mountain landscape that lured him decades ago as the ideal place to set up his glass-making factory. It takes two and sometimes three artists working together to shape the forms of the trees that range from heavy, towering 26” specimens to tiny 4” crystalline trees. In some trees, air bubbles create a frosty effect and five-sided evergreens add texture and depth to a forest. Whether added to a personal collection over time or given as a holiday gift, the hand-blown glass trees evoke a sentimental longing and wistful affection for the past, nostalgia for a period or place with happy personal associations. Simon Pearce’s glass forest reflects the complex human ecosystem that buffers the earth and supports a myriad of life experiences.

Indeed, every Simon Pearce handcrafted piece is the intersection of heirloom quality and modern life and is designed to enhance living, giving, and entertaining with heart.