Oyster Forks

Our collection of oyster forks includes selections from Old World and American silver and silver plate manufacturers, Japanese post-World War II teak and ebony handled options, and mid-century bakelite and stainless steel forks.
These sets represent the styles fashionable for formal and more casual serving during the decade in which they were produced. As silver plating techniques improved and distribution became a national rather than local opportunity at home and abroad, oyster forks are one of the items that began to represent functional beauty in homes seeking to elevate the dining and entertaining experience. Oyster eating has two camps: rustic slurping and elegant enjoyment. Oyster forks are clearly in the latter camp and make a nice addition to a wedding gift that includes a vintage oyster plate. The styles range from simple traditionally styled tines to trident tines to two-pronged specimens with both simple and sophisticated handles. Perhaps the most impressive oyster forks are the ones in which silversmiths skillfully emboss the handles with designs from classic design periods including Victorian, Edwardian, Neo-classic, Art Deco, and Mid Century. There is literally an oyster fork for every style, and it is within this cultural and historic context that oyster forks become part of oyster-eating conversation.