New York Stoneware Tableware

Inspired by the craft of pottery making and the quiet confidence of objects refined repeatedly by skilled craftspeople, William Reardon founded New York Stoneware in 2013 in the Bronx.
With an eye toward simple gestures, purposeful forms, and an appreciation of honest craftsmanship, William creates objects at once functional and soulful. The New York Stoneware collection includes a range of kitchenware from plates to mixing bowls to soy sauce pots, and each piece assumes an elegant and graceful silhouette.

New York Stoneware encapsulates the best of what it means to be a small business. The care, thoughtfulness, and attention to detail poured into the creation of each piece - a process that Reardon describes as “a labor of love” - shines through in the end products. Through the production of handmade, artisanal pieces, New York Stoneware offers the opportunity to appreciate the maker behind each piece of pottery.