Vintage & Antique Cocktail & Specialty Glasses

Everything tastes better in a glass that is as beautiful to look at as it feels good in the hand.
It is yet another way to express our belief in a 21st-century way of life that integrates the past, present, and future. Style is wordless speech. Our vintage and antique collection features sets of cocktail and specialty glasses in pristine condition collected from around the world. Our offerings include a combination of colored and clear, of crystal and handblown, and of balastered and incised stemmed glasses in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit modern, retro, and traditional home barware collections. Our American-made, vintage glass collection includes both intricately-detailed Art Deco Rose Point pattern martini glasses and vibrantly-colored Fostoria glasses. Among several other unique vintage finds are our Baccarat crystal and Japanese glass cocktail glasses. Elevate your gathering by serving up your signature drink in one of these show stopping sets. These glasses will become heirloom-quality pieces to continue to be passed down from one generation to the next.