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Simplify entertaining at the holidays with grazing boards that include cheese, charcuterie, seafood, fruit, and nuts.

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OFYR Caesar Brussels with Rye Croutons & Pancetta

Cultivated in Belgium in the late 16th century, the growing season for Brussels sprouts is long--August to March. For decades, their nutty and earthy flavor, best roasted and charred rather than boiled, was overshadowed by a villainous reputation as America's most hated vegetable. Have no fear, roasting is here to transform these bad boys into charming, well behaved dinner guests. Toss with an anchovy rich caesar dressing elevated with vincotto (a cooked wine made from unfermented grape must that is syrupy and know to Italians as grape molasses), griddled rye croutons, and some crispy pancetta bits, and watch this be the first plate of the Thanksgiving feast to disappear. We love using D'Artagnan Foods pancetta, a French style hand crafted Ventrèche made in the USA from  garlic seasoned pork belly that is so much more flavorful than bacon and the perfect crispy-salty addition to the sprouts and the hint of sweetness from the vincotto dressing.

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