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WT Ice Cream Parlor

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WT Ice Cream Parlor

We've Got the Scoop



In2Green celebrates modern technology and its ability to impact sustainability in all levels of textile production.
From concept and design through its conscious manufacturing process, this women-owned team offsets the need for new crude oil and in turn, conserves precious natural resources and energy. The result are gorgeous textiles that reflect a full-fledged ideology and a way of living.
Nearly 78 plastic bottles, a heavy dose of Patriotic pride, and an eco-conscience make up this recycled cotton and polyester blanket.

We donate 10% of all fire extinguisher sales to the National Parks Foundation.

The WT Cares Program identifies organizations that align with Weston Table’s brand values and offers a way to give back in small but meaningful ways that strengthen local communities and make the world a better place for all of us. We are dedicated to donating a portion of our profits to support organizations that meet this goal. Learn more about WT Cares.