Welcome to Our Table

Living, Giving,
and Entertaining

Welcome to Our Table

Living, Giving,
& Entertaining

Weston Table

The New Nostalgia

We are a craftsman-to-consumer marketplace with a curated assortment that showcases provenance, authenticity, artisanal quality, creativity, and inspirational wow.

We are the intersection of heirloom quality and modern life.


Lobsters live 100 years

1-in-2 million chance to trap a blue lobster

Lobsters sound like crackling violins

19th century prisoner food

Lobsters are aphrodisiacs

Traps are called “lobster pots”

You’re Our Lobster

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Eco-Friendly Throws

Down By The Ocean
Down By The Sea

Keep warm while fighting global warming. This collection of sustainable throws has a conscience—made with nearly 100% recycled cotton and polyester fibers. Better yet? They are 100% washable.