Autumn Charcuterie and Cheese Platter

cuisine American
season Fall
difficulty Easy
serves 8


1 round robiola di capra incavolata 1 pyramid Valencay 1 wedge aged gouden kaas 1 cup green olives 8 ounce jar Contadini candini (tiny artichokes packed in olive oil and cider vinegar) 4 ounce tin smoked mussels 1/2 cup pickled cherry peppers 2 ounces line caught tuna 6 slices prosciutto 3 mini dried chorizo or pepperoni 2 ounces sopressetta 2 ounces finocchionna salami 2 ounces genoa salami 4 ounces pickled small peppers, sliced into 1/4 1/2 cup Blenheim apricots 1 cup raisins on the vine (or any other high quality raisin) Selection of crackers or bread, broken or sliced into bite-sized pieces 1/2 cup pistachios or hazelnuts (for filling holes on the board)


Choose a serving platter suited to the number of guests (the MATCH Pewter Round Gallery Tray in the photo has a 16" diameter and is perfect for 8 to 12 guests).

Gather all of the ingredients together and put the wet ingredients in glass dishes or bowls (this prevents the liquids from making a soggy mess). Seafood (due to intense flavor profile) and pickled vegtables should be put in contained spaces--we used the MATCH Pewter Scalloped Bottle Coaster for the artichokes. Place these ingredients on the platter or board first and spread them out. The sides of the vessels are perfect places to rest other free standing items.

Stuff each cherry pepper with the tuna and reserve.

Next, choose a place on the platter for the large cheese round.

The charcuterie should be formed into different interesting shapes. Trim the slices of prosciutto into 1/2" wide strips and lower over the platter and let fall into ribbons. Roll the salamis into roses and use the Valencay or another cheese to anchor them into neat rows that look like colorful flowers popping up.

Use the fruit, nuts, and crackers to fill in the spaces all around the board. Make the board (minus the bread and crackers) up to 3 hours in advance. Simply cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate. Just before serving, finish the board by tucking in the bread and crackers).

The finished platter should look like fall in New England during peak leaf-peeping season.



Kitchen Notes

Pickled cherries are often found in the supermarket cheese departments. Our favorite jarred tuna for stuffing cherry peppers is Tonnino. Jars of Contadini brand pickled vegetables, tiny artichokes, and pickled peppers may be found online or in specialty cheese shops (keep extra jars on hand!). If you can't find raisins on the vine, jumbo flame raisins are a good choice.