New England Cheese Board

cuisine American
difficulty Easy
season Fall & Winter
serves 4 to 6


Wedge Ashlynn with ash line, Springbrook Farms, Vermont Wedge Grafton Clothbound Cheddar, Grafton Village Cheese Co., Vermont 8 ounce round Comanche Queen, High Lawn Farm, Massachusetts Wedge Brookford Blue, Brookford Farm, New Hampshire Concord grapes 1/2 cup dried cranberries 1 cup fresh black mission figs, halved (if dried soak in boiling water for 10 minutes and slice thinly) 1 Comice pear, halved & cored 1 red pear, halved & cored 1 cup mixed high quality dried fruits: apricots, pears, persimmons Honeycomb 1 cup peanut brittle, broken into chunks Sliced baguette and/or crackers for serving Flower garnish, optional


  1. Decide how many quests will be served and count on 2 to 3 ounces of cheese per person and 3 to 4 styles of cheese for gatherings of 8 or fewer guests. 
  2. Arrange the cheeses around the platter or board more or less evenly spacing them. 
  3. Begin to fill in with color. Mounds of similar colors look best and placing them on tree or plant leaves adds visual interest. Groups of three work well--note the three clumps of grape vines, the three pieces of dried pear, the three handfuls of cranberries (two are side by side), and the three halves of fresh pears.
  4. The peanut brittle stands alone as it is an intense and sweet element that would be overwhelming in greater quantity.
  5. Scatter the figs, both fresh and dried, around the platter as a unifying visual.
  6. Finish with optional foraged flower blossoms.