Vases & Crocks

Glass vases from vendors such as William Yeoward Crystal, Simon Pearce, and Juliska, whether filled with a bunch of supermarket flowers, garden stems, or an arrangement from a flower shop, add a romantic pleasing element to any room in which the vessels sit.
The clear glass displays the whole flower and the stems and leaves accent the beauty of the whole flower. Our MATCH Pewter vases, made by artisans who have family-owned businesses in the Italian countryside, produce luxurious heirloom quality pewter vases that may be custom engraved and come in sizes and shapes that have remained relevant for centuries. Ceramic vessels, such as those made by Hope + Mary, New York Stoneware, and Farmhouse pottery include single bud vases, tall cylinder vases for bunches of flowers, and crocks that fit a whole plant or a mighty bouquet of flowers. These hand-crafted vases and crocks represent some of America’s best artists and show the ingenuity and creative output of people committed to producing beautiful and functional objects.