Using the OFYR

Process Guide: How to Light Your OFYR Grill


Build up wood log cabin style. For efficient ring heating, wood should be under plate rim too.


Place two firestarters on opposite sides of the log tower and light them.


Before first use, let a small fire burn for at least 30 minutes.


Before and after cooking, but while the grill is hot, wet a rag and use tongs to wipe off the grill. Then, oil the plate with a small amount of a high smoke-point cooking oil, such as safflower, avocado, or grapeseed oil. Save the olive oil for cooking.


Use the OFYR spatula to scrape leftover food into the fire. Important: Only clean the grill when it’s still hot, otherwise you might scrape off the non-stick coating.


Dampen a cotton cloth and use tongs to move the cloth around the OFYR to clean it. Next, use the same tong and cloth method to spread oil into the surface of the grill. Finish by covering the grill with your OFYR cover.