A nutritional power punch (think vitamin C, electrolytes, and B6), the Bloody Mary may be, all on its own, an entire meal. When made and served with pantry ingredients, this is impressive. Whip it up in three minutes as a luxurious lunch for friends or a ubiquitous hangover cure. The jazzy furikake--a dry Japanese condiment that consists of a mixture of dried fish, sesame seeds, chopped seaweed, sugar, and salt--rim, a can of drained crab meat, and some farmer's market veg turn this ordinary mary into an extraordinary mary cocktail. Stone Hollow Farmstead makes their picked, processed, and jarred bloody mary mixes at their farm in Alabama. Pickled vegetables (we love the pickled green beans) make for a crunchy texture and unexpected sourness garnish that is easy to keep for months on-hand and a nice alternative to the fibrous celery stick. We love our Scary Mary Cocktail, but this lighter Ordinary Mary version is a tad less spicy and time-consuming to prepare. With or without the traditional two ounces of vodka, this chipotle powder and tamarind extract infused down on the farm jar of all the goodness gamed from picking sun-kissed locally grown vegetables is anything but ordinary.
cuisine American
difficulty Easy
season Year Round
serves 4



  1. Pour the jar of bloody mary mix into a pitcher.
  2. Add the crab meat (liquid and all) to the pitcher and stir with a long cocktail spoon to break up the crab meat chunks.
  3. Add the vodka (if using) and stir to combine.
  4. Put the furikake seasoning on a small plate. Put water on another small plate 1/4" deep. Dip each of the four glasses in the water and then into the seasoning.
  5. Fill the glasses with ice. Pour the bloody mary into each glass. Garnish with radish and pickled green beans. Serve immediately.