Room with a View Cocktail

cuisine British
difficulty Simple
makes 1 cocktail
season Year Round


2 tablespoons30 ml Bramley and Gage Quince Liqueur 4 teaspoons apple cider 4 teaspoons20 ml lemon sherbet Prosecco Fruit or flower garnish


  1. Put liqueur, cider, and sherbet into a COCKTAIL SHAKER. Vigorously shake.
  2. Double strain the mixture and pour into a COCKTAIL COUP or CHAMPAGNE GLASS.
  3. Pour Prosecco to fill the glass.
  4. Garnish with an edible flower or piece of fruit.

Bar Notes

Bramley & Gage Quince Liqueur is worth seeking out and worth paying the exorbitant shipping costs from the United Kingdom. It is made using rare and fragrant quince fruit varieties. This particular brand has a soft ‘honey’ nose with aromas of dates and figs.