Brings s'more fun to your dessert menu with OFYR s'mores! The OFYR Grill elevates a beloved childhood campfire tradition into the coolest way to socialize with family and friends safely: outside at home 6 feet apart. The seemingly endless possibilities will leave you feeling all gooey inside.


For the girl scout lover, the Samoa S'more adds caramel and coconut to the classic graham cracker, chocolate, and marshmallow combination. Simply swap caramel chocolate for the traditional Hershey's bar, dip the cracker in caramel and coconut, and roast on the OFYR. This delicacy of a s'more will certainly satisfy your sweet tooth.


Some things are mint to be! The Grasshopper S'more substitutes a peppermint patty for the chocolate bar. Enjoy this sweet treat dipped in chocolate and ground-up peppermint candy. 


Whether you prefer to stick to the classic or choose to get creative with your ingredients, stuffing a square of chocolate into a giant marshmallow like our friend TikTok star and master chef finalist, Nick DiGiovanni, taught us to do before roasting over the open fire will ensure a perfectly melted giant s'more. 

cuisine American
difficulty Easy
season Year Round
serves 4 to 6