All American Charcuterie and Cheese Board

cuisine American
season Year Round
difficulty Easy
serves 6 to 8

Protein Ingredients (1.5 ounces per person and a variety of at least 6 styles and 1 or 2 tins of seafood).

Genoa salami Sopresetta Prosciutto Jambon de bayonne Jámon Ibérico Smoked mussels Sardines Saucisson Chorizo

Cheese Ingredient Options (1.5 ounces total per person) A combination of goat, cow, and sheep as well as hard and soft textures).

Boucheron Brie Manchego, slice in triangles Goat cheese round or pyramid Aged Gouda, broken into bite-sized chunks Comté or gruyère Point Reyes Blue Cowboy Creamery Red Hawk Humbolt Fog

Fruit and Nut Ingredients

Grapes or raisins, still on the vine Quince, halved Baby kiwi, halved Lingonberries Raspberries, blueberries, or strawberries Pear halves (rub flesh side with lemon to prevent browning)

Sundry Ingredients

Honeycomb Marinated mushrooms Olives, pitted nicer for guests Piparra peppers Piquillo peppers Roasted peppers Pesto Quince paste Red pepper jelly Fig jam Marcona almonds, tamari almonds, macadamic nuts, cashews, or pistachios

Kitchen Notes

My favorite tuna is Tonnino, a pole and line caught wild tuna in a jar with firm large pieces of fish (only 10% of the world's tuna is caught using this sustainable fishing method). Any nuts can be used, any fruits (fresh or dried), and any protein or cheese may be substituted. The key is variety in color, texture, and taste. Flowers are optional but add a bit of color and beauty to the finished platter. Opening the tins is a ritual most enjoy at the table - sort of like peeking behind the curtain and it is all about the anticipation of what you might find.