• Stone Hollow Farmstead Pickled Purple Hull Peas Weston Table
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Stone Hollow Farmstead Pickled Purple Hull Peas

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Product Description

A relish traditional served alongside a Sunday or picnic roast, these pickled field peas also make a great dip for corn chips.  In the middle of winter, you can pretend it’s summer by serving a scoop of this pickle in a lettuce cup as a salad. A perfect hostess gift for New Year’s, or a special treat to serve for good luck.

Product Details

Made in the USA


Purple Hull Peas, Champagne Vinegar, Sugar, Vildalia Onion, Red Pepper, Celery, Salt, Celery Seed, Black Pepper, Sweet Paprika, Dry Mustard, Bay Leaves

16 Ounces


Refrigerate after opening.