Bee's Wrap, Food Huggers & Bowl Covers

Our vast collection of bee's wraps and food huggers are designed specifically with the goal of cutting down on plastic and storing food sustainably.
Our naturally infused beeswax cotton Bee's Wraps come in patterns and sizes to suit nearly any style, and may be used again and again at home to store bread, cheese, fruits, and other items. Also, on the eco-friendly front are food huggers, silicone shapes, for covering the leftover ends of lemons and limes, jar mouths, and tomatoes and onions.

Our favorite, the avocado hugger, comes in a two-pack with a pit holder that also helps prevent excessive browning when an unused half is put in the refrigerator. The 100% organic cotton bowl covers and produce/vegetable bags are inspirational on two fronts: first, they cut down on plastic wrap. Secondly, the designs look nice tableside where whether serving indoors or outside, they act as a barrier between the food and unwanted debris.