• Smithey No. 6 Cast Iron Skillet Weston Table
  • Smithey No. 6 Cast Iron Skillet Weston Table
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Smithey No. 6 Cast Iron Skillet

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Product Description

Shakespeare was onto something when he penned, "Though she be but little, she is fierce." This miniature American made cast iron is a mighty fine naturally non-stick, easy to clean smooth-surfaced is ideal for melting butter (did you notice the pour spouts to either side of the pan?) toasting spices, nuts, or breadcrumbs. It is also the finest over easy egg pan we have ever used.

Product Details

Made in the USA
Cast Iron
6" D x 11.25" Overall
Lifetime Warranty


To clean, scrub lightly with warm water. For stubborn food remnants, use a touch of dish soap and a nylon scouring pad. Always dry pan thoroughly after each use, apply a light layer of vegetable oil with a towel, and store. Never put pan in the dishwasher. Do not soak in water.