Maileg Rabbits & Bunnies

Our Maileg selection includes all of the seasonally new bunnies, rabbits, and accessories, as well as the first original classic favorites in all sizes of this Danish-designed heirloom collectible collection.
Maileg introduced new sizing to make it easier to understand their size and relationship to the Maileg miniature dollhouse, the furniture, and accessories. The size range includes MY, Micro, and Sizes 1,2, 3, 4, and the largest, long-legged, long-eared, and long-armed huggable as large as life (and its adventures) size 5 playmate.

The MY, which is the tiny baby rabbit, includes wood furniture such as high chairs and cradles and metal cots to suit their diminutive size. The new MY collection includes gingham babies dressed and ready for play in yellow, light blue, and rose and blue check pajamas. Micro is the next smallest size and are the companions sized to be best friends with the Maileg mice collection. These rabbits and bunnies are pocket-sized and may travel along with a child’s imagination just about anywhere.

The details, such as hand-stitched faces, along with an array of beautifully seasonally designed clothing for both girl and boy rabbits and bunnies as well as white, brown, and yellow skin-toned friends distinguish the Size 1 and 2 collection and its desire to be an all-inclusive toy line. The My, Micro, and Sizes 1 and 2 are perfect for the miniature dollhouse and its ever-evolving and expanding rooms and furniture that includes a bonus room add-on and a miniature kitchen that comes with freshly baked bread in the oven.

All of the bunny and rabbit dolls, as well as their garments, are machine washable (line dry) and designed for a child to play with all day long and then hug at bedtime.

Soft and lovingly designed, these long and floppy-eared creatures will become part of a child’s treasured memories that are sturdy enough to be passed from one generation to the next.