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Simon Pearce Woodbury Vase

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Product Description

Simple and modern, this hand blown Simon Pearce Woodbury Vase is just as delightful with a single stem as it is with a bouquet of flowers. A wonderful gift, this vase is as perfect for a single bunch of supermarket flowers as it is for flowers cut fresh from the garden, or a bouquet that arrives as a hostess gift.

Product Details

Handmade in the USA
Bud Vase in Gift Box, 8 Ounces,6.5" H x 2.25" W
Small, 16 Ounces, 5.5" H x 3.5" W
Medium, 48 Ounces, 10.5" H x 3.5" W
Large, 80 Ounces, 13.5" H x 4.75" W
Extra Large, 188 Ounces,18.5" H x 6" W
Slight variations in size and design, as well as tiny bubbles are considered part of the beauty and nature of this artisanally crafted item


Hand wash only. Do not expose glass to extreme heat changes, such as filling with hot liquid or placing in the freezer. A shock in temperature can cause fractures.