• MATCH Pewter Candle Snuffer Weston Table
  • MATCH Pewter Candle Snuffer Weston Table
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MATCH Pewter Candle Snuffer

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Product Description

In addition to being a practical item, the history makes owning one all the more a conversation starter. 

There is a place in every home for the MATCH Pewter Candle Snuffer. In 1776, Englishman Christopher Pinchbeck patented the candle snuffer. It became so popular in the British Isles that the poem "Ode to Mr. Pinchbeck, Upon His Newly Invented Candle Snuffers" was written by Malcolm MacGreggor only a year later. The custom of elaborately engraving these pewter, brass, and copper snuffers continues to this day. Not only an elegant way to extinguish a flame, the snuffer prevents hot wax from splattering onto your tabletop and leaves the room you were burning it in smoke free.

Product Details

Handmade in Italy
Pewter, Copper, Brass
8.3" L


Hand washing recommended. Dishwasher safe. Occasionally polish with Cape Cod Metal Polishing Cloths.