MATCH Pewter

Rooted in centuries of Old World European forms, generations of Italian artisans have used their skilled hands to mold pewter into functional art.
The pewter used today to make MATCH pieces is a malleable metal alloy lead-free combination of 95% premium tin with antimony, and copper combination transforms a humble material into heirloom pieces that may be passed, just as this artisanal craft has been learned, from generation to generation.

Original antique molds form the foundation for the pieces found in all categories of MATCH Pewter. From celebratory tablescapes, to everyday dining, to desk and bath accessories, the pieces are “elegant chameleons” that work as well in the great outdoors of the wild Pacific Northwest as they do in New York City modern skyscraper apartment buildings, ski chalets, and suburban family houses of every architectural style.

Authentic MATCH Pewter may be identified by two hallmark stamps: the stamped ‘95’ on each piece, a reference to the amount of tin used to make every piece in the collection (and a reference to the year MATCH Pewter began selling in America). The single letter M will also be present and signifies a pewter piece produced in an Italian workshop for MATCH Pewter.