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Derek Wolf Spirit-Infused Blends

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Product Description

A Derek Wolf collection of blended spirit infused spices for liberally using on seafood, chicken, pork, root vegetables, or even as a cocktail rim.

Product Details

Made in the USA


Lemon Chile Rye

This smoky, slightly bitter and rye-infused blend by Derek Wolf (aka Over the Fire Cooking) finishes with an approachable heat and perfectly balanced acidity. With a sweet, fruity and nutty aroma, experiment with the flavors of this complex blend. Sprinkle on seafood - especially shrimp and any white fish - zest up squash or make a sensational simple syrup for cocktails

Smoked Chipotle Mezcal

With a peppery citrus aroma, this spicy and smoky mezcal-infused blend carefully crafted by Derek Wolf emulates the experience of sipping mezcal with a citrus back. Generously use this blend on seafood, chicken, pork, root vegetables, or even as a cocktail rim

Sweet Teriyaki Sake

With notes of sweet, spicy and fermentation from the soy, this sake-infused blend by over-the-fire cooking expert Derek Wolf brings a delicious sweet heat to practically any protein. Try it on soft or firm tofu, seafood, thinly sliced beef, chicken, cucumber, daikon, and shishito peppers

4.6 Ounces