Farmhouse Pottery Clay Date

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A Clay Date with Farmhouse Pottery

Twelve years ago

Seeking a sustainable lifestyle in the Green Mountains, James Zilian created the Windrow Bowl, the first piece in the American made Farmhouse Pottery collection.
Two young daughters inspired its undulating shape—perfect for small hands to hold on to while picking summer berries.Today, James and his wife, Zoe make practical pottery that enhances every day living.

Using tons of a USA mined and blended clay, the Zillians have found a clay that delivers a simple yet durable combination that enhances the Farmhouse Pottery aesthetic. From the artisans that work in their studios, to the potter’s wheels on which the designs are thrown by hand, to the kilns in which the pieces are fired, this is a 100% authentically American process in which a passion lead to a profession in which all-American beauty, function, and life values align.

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