Light your home with our collection of luxuriously-scented candles. Our offerings include scents for every occasion.
After a long day, rest and relax with the Green Lavender candle from Urban Apothecary. Long known to ease anxiety, the gentle scent of green lavender leaves you almost too-calm-to-care. For a luxury home spa experience, Voyage et Cie offers handmade and naturally-organic candles that subtly and softly fragrance a room all day. In the summertime, our collection of fruit-scented candles designed by American pop artist Ramon Matheu are whimsical conversation starters and fabulous hostess gifts for a beachside gathering. Regal perfumes and embossed gold labels make the Trudon candle collection an extraordinary birthday or anniversary gift. Embrace the magic of the holiday season, and fill the room with woodsy and embracing scents of balsam fir, red cedar, and smoked leather.