Select Oyster Bar

The Select Oyster Bar gives new meaning to dining al fresco in the Back Bay.

The open air porch, completely shielded from the elements, is designed with aquarium style viewing: three huge painted tiles hang on the brick wall of the building across the alleyway and provide a bright, marine-colored backdrop for a unique under-the-sea dining atmosphere. Chef Michael Serpa’s tiny historic townhouse turned seafood bar serves up simply prepared, seasonally inspired seafood dishes.

The Faroe Island salmon crudo with togarashi, pistachio oil, and lime showcases the quality of the fish and the chef’s ability to enhance the texture and mouth feel of premium raw fish without masking its delicate flavor. The oysters need nothing for enjoyment: they sparkle and entice sitting raw on their ice bed—for those who like to douse before slurping, a mild apple cider vinaigrette and a bottle of thin hot sauce is provided. Fabulous service, an expertly curated wine list, and consistent fresh and bright seafood merit repeat reservations at this neighborhood seafood bistro.

Select Oyster Bar
50 Gloucester Street
Boston, MA 02115