Yahoo: These 9 Tips From Designers on How to Entertain in a Small Apartment Will Make Hosting So Much Easier

Weston Table Featured in Yahoo on June 18, 2023:

These 9 Tips From Designers on How to Entertain in a Small Apartment Will Make Hosting So Much Easier

Written by Ellen Finch

"Buffets are a great way to serve food in space-challenged environments,’ adds Dianne O’Connor, founder of Weston Table. ‘I recommend making use of tiered stands, different height bowls, and serving platters. Fill them with bite-sized foods that are interesting combinations of textures and tastes and that may be served on appetizer-sized plates. While it is important to serve high-quality food, the presentation will elevate anything you are serving. It is these details that will be remembered long after the party ends.

Dianne O’Connor recommends offering a limited selection of drinks – beer or wine, and two or three versatile spirits – and paying attention to details. ‘Include cherry, olive, lemon, lime, and orange garnishes in small bowls tucked in and around the bowls with a stylish vessel filled with cocktail picks,’ she says. ‘Print a recipe card for a couple of classic drinks, and include a selection of barware, an ice bucket with tongs, and a jigger. In no time, the pressure will be off the host.'

Only having one area for seating can also create crowding problems, so preempt this by experimenting with small living room layout ideas, like the above arrangement from DATE Interiors. ‘Arrange chairs in groups of three or four to encourage smaller groups to congregate,’ says Dianne O’Connor. ‘Some guests will want to sit. If seating is limited, sitting on the floor on a collection of comfortable pillows creates intimacy and fun. Invite guests to remove their shoes and make themselves comfortable.’

‘I prefer to stick to one color of flower when entertaining in small spaces as it pulls the entire room together and creates a feeling of a larger space,’ adds Dianne O’Connor. ‘However, I love putting the flowers in all types of vessels and having each arrangement a bit taller or shorter, single stem, or a plump bunch. Candlelight makes guests’ faces glow and creates a relaxing atmosphere: I put candles on the mantle, on the bar, on the buffet, inside a fireplace, and even the bathroom – guests will eventually make their way there too, so I leave no detail undone. Little more is needed. In small spaces, less is always more!’

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