Weston Table Named Official OFYR USA Distributor

Weston Table (https://westontable.com), America’s online destination for living, giving, and entertaining, has announced its new partnership with OFYR Worldwide in America, featuring the high-end OFYR Grill, designed to inspire immersive, memory-making outdoor dining experiences.


The OFYR Grill takes 8000 years of playing with fire and elevates it into a healthy way to cook, socialize, and be safe together at home and outside.


Entertain outdoors safely six feet apart: a 39” diameter cast iron grill plate provides plenty of room around the grill for a physically distanced, socially connected celebration--the kind we have all been missing.


OFYR Grill 100 Corten ($2575): Beautifully crafted of weather-ready steel, the wood burning OFYR (pronounced OH-FIRE) is an elevated centerpiece for social outdoor grilling any time of the year. The three-piece design, designed and made in the Netherlands, encourages transport from the backyard to seaside or mountain to take social (distance) gatherings on the road.



OFYR Grill 100 Corten

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