New England Home: Last Look "Fired Up"

Weston Table Featured in New England Home: 

Last Look "Fired Up"


By Erika Ayn Finch


"The OFYR Classic Corten 100 isn't just for burgers. A variety of cooking surfaces, including an optional raised grill, allows you to 'cue everything from lobsters and veggies, to calzones and even bread.


If grilling at your home conjures up images of a lone spatula-wielding cook huddled over a barbecue while everyone else sips drinks and splashes in the pool, you need to meet OFYR. The weather-resistant, dual function grill, designed in the Netherlands in 2015 to promote a more social grilling experience, features a nonstick steel ring that cooks food over a wood fire. The grill's three-piece design allows it to be easily moved from backyard to beach, but we appreciate its modern, sculptural aesthetic, which encourages the cooktop--available in two sizes--to be a backyard centerpiece rather than a tucked-out-of-sight appliance. The OFYR line of outdoor kitchen accessories is equally as chic."


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