Food & Wine: New Grill, New You

Weston Table Featured in Food & Wine July 2022:

New Grill, New You


Written by Mary-Frances Heck, Photo Courtesy of Weston Table 

"New Grill, New You
These innovative appliances will change your grilling game.
New developments in the grilling world have largely centered around accessories — spring-loaded tongs, digital probe thermometers, silicone brushes — until now. Engineers and chefs are putting their heads together to create better grills for smarter cooking, offering unmatched innovation for every level of cookout.
Featuring a 39-inch cast-iron cooking ring balanced over a corten steel fire bowl, the OFYR is at one a firepit, plancha, grill, and conversation piece. Griddle fresh tortillas, caramelize onions and bens, sear shrimp, or set a saucepan to simmer on the cooking ring, or set a grate over the center and cook directly over the [embers]."



OFYR Grill Classic Corten Storage 100

OFYR Grill Round 100 Grate