VESTA Mobile Wood-Fired Pizza Eastern Massachusetts

Yesterday, I really wanted pizza. Today, I’m eating pizza. Follow your dreams!

This is a Massachusetts restaurant that comes to you, or, if you find yourself in the suburbs of Boston in the depths of winter, this wood-fired traveling pizza oven pops up on Saturdays at the Russell’s Garden Center farmer’s market. The long (but quick) line is testimony enough to just how good this thin crust, inventively topped pizza truly is.

Seasonally inspired, the toppings can include roasted beets—the BEETZA—, or a garden pizza with fresh summer squash. The perennial favorite remains a white pizza topped with finely crumbled bacon and maple syrup—diehard New Englanders know this combination is hard to beat any time of year. As the orders are called out to the oven, many are two at a time, “one BEETZA and One MAPLE,” or “One Chicken Pesto and one MAPLE.” Cooked in front of diners in a 750 degree wood-fired oven, the pizza is ready and in the box in under two minutes.