Veranda: Best Vintage Find

Weston Table Featured in the Veranda March/April 2023 issue:


Best Vintage Find: 10 Beautiful Wine Glasses You Need in Your Party Closet


Written by Sarah DiMarco


"Whether it's a grand dinner party or a simple night in, the glass you choose can make or break your wine-drinking experience. The right wineglass has the ability to emphasize the notes of wine, making it taste even more delectable. It can even make the bubbles in your sparkling wine more effervescent and prevent them from falling flat. The best wine glasses also serve as a vessel to illustrate your own personal style and impeccable taste.

It's difficult to find the "one" when there are so many different types of wine glasses on the market—especially when some are designed for only one varietal or type of wine. However, we've done the research and found a roster of versatile glasses that enhance the aromas of wine—and look stunning on a home bar. Our top wineglass picks are sure to mainstays in your party closet.


Best Vintage Find

Vintage 1970s Fostoria Blue Navarre Wine Glasses


Fostoria was a leader in the American glassmaking industry during the 20th century with its colorful and dazzling designs. While the company has since closed its doors, you can still find many of its glasses popping up in antiques shop and online retailers like Weston Table."



Vintage 1970s Fostoria Blue Navarre Wine Glasses