Modern Luxury National: Holiday Shuffle

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Holiday Shuffle


Story By: Micheal McCarthy


"Emilia Fazzalari grew up in an Italian household where holiday meal prep was a sacred act. ‘We love to spend an afternoon making pasta sauce from scratch and preparing a feast we know everyone will enjoy throughout the evening,’ says Fazzalari, co-founder and CEO of Cincoro Tequila ( ‘The holidays are the best time to light a fire, throw on some great music, and fill the night with fun conversations and laughter with our closest friends and family.’
The entrepreneur, who’s married to Boston Celtics lead owner Wye Grousbeck, says gatherings have even more meaning this year. ‘My son is off at college now, and my daughter isn’t far behind. The perfect holiday soiree for us is really when the house is full of our kids, their cousins, and their friends who might stop by for dinner or just to visit.’ The CEO also has been riding the successful wave of her tequila brand, which has sold more than 1 million bottles since its launch two years ago. ‘Our latest innovation is a limited, special-edition black crystal 1.75-liter extra anejo bottle, we’re calling the Founder’s Series,’ says Fazzalari. ‘The black crystal bottle is truly a work of art, but the extra anejo inside is the real showstopper.’ When Fazzalari and Grousbeck host guests at their home this month, they’ll roll out the red carpet of comfort and add a few luxuries for cooking, sipping and more. We asked Fazzalari to share some of her favorites."
"Cocktails have become popular in my household with our delicious Cincoro Tequila expressions on hand when family and friends arrive. This [handforged Italian] shaker makes cocktails come to life easily and elegantly. ‘Weston Table MATCH Pewter custom-engraved cocktail shaker,