Departures: Pop the Cork - Luxury accessories for the serious wine lover in your life.

Weston Table Featured in Departures December 2022:


Pop the Cork - 

Luxury accessories for the serious wine lover in your life.

Words by Nina Renata Aron


"For many wine lovers, the focus is on the wine itself: the terroir, the complexity, the finish. But as with so many things, the experience of drinking wine is enhanced enormously by being in possession of the proper tools — in this case, a stunning decanter, beautiful glasses, and a durable, well-designed corkscrew. And to accompany occasions with fireworks, there’s even a Champagne saber. It’s easy to down your vino unthinkingly, but the true connoisseur knows that the more consideration put into each element of the winemaking and wine-drinking process, the more intoxicating the result.


Berti Champagne Saber


Who doesn’t want to own a saber? And who doesn’t want to use said saber to open Champagne bottles? As the story goes, according to Italian knife maker Berti, in the late eighteenth century, the citizens of France gifted Napoleon’s soldiers celebratory Champagne. But the soldiers couldn’t open the bottles while on horseback, so they lanced the corks with their swords, and a tradition was born. Handmade in Italy from Lucite and stainless steel, this saber is an ideal gift for any lover of bubbles and fanfare or to keep in your personal collection for moments that call for a little extra pizzazz."



Berti Champagne Saber