• Urban Apothecary London Luxury Scented Candle Almond Macaron Weston Table
  • Urban Apothecary London Luxury Scented Candle Damson Brulee Weston Table
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Urban Apothecary London Luxury Special Edition Scented Candle

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Product Description

This luxuriously scented, artisanally poured natural soy wax English candle with a cotton wick has a 60 hour burn time and arrives in a mouth blown glass vessel.

Almond Macaron

This Almond Macaron scented candle is tempting and scrumptious. The wonderful aroma of milky almond is folded with a ripple of black cherry in an aromatic mimic of a gastronomic delight. These addictive melt-in-the-mouth tones are warmly infused with soft and spicy cinnamon and anise, in just a hint of out-of-the-ordinary.

Damson Brûlée

This Damson Brûlée scented candle is mouthwatering and mellow. While bringing to mind a classic, much-loved pudding, this new fragrance recipe is a contemporary take. An explosion of rich dark fruits, plummy damson with juicy blackberry and grape purée, are the star ingredients. Next a blend of rhubarb and ginger freshens the arrival of charred caramel and creamy vanilla notes. These crisp and soft layers of sweet temptations playfully tease the nose.

Product Details

Made in England
10.6 Ounces
60 Hour Burn Time