What is the OFYR

Bring the OFYR Home

A new way of healthy cooking and grilling outdoors, a cone shaped fire bowl featuring a wide flat platter rim doubles as a high-efficiency cooking surface. This large gathering fire pit style grill may be transported from the backyard, to the beach, or to a mountain chalet. Radiating heat from the center in a perfectly fluid gradient, different foods may be cooked at different temperatures.

Easy to move around, the three-part modular design may be transported from the home for use at the beach, or at a lakefront or mountain property.

The Complete OFYR Grill and Accessories

OFYR 100 cm/39.5" Diameter Fire Pit (base, cone, & cook top)
Black Cover with Knob
Grill Grate (for cooking directly over the fire)
Stainless Steel Oil Can

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