Frequently Asked Questions

Is the OFYR portable?
The OFYR comes in 3 parts which makes it possible to move around easily. However the cooking surface will require two people to lift it into place.

What fuel do I use on the OFYR?
The OFYR is designed to use seasoned wood. You can choose the type of wood to add flavour as each wood species will produce a different flavoured smoke. Oak is a good all-rounder, with others such as cherry and pear providing a sweeter smoke.

How much wood does the OFYR use?
A small bag of logs is sufficient to take you through a normal family cook. If you're cooking for extended periods then you will need additional logs to keep your surface at cooking temperature.

How do I prepare my OFYR for its first cook?
The OFYR works best after one or two uses, when oil has been burned into the plate. This helps the cooking process, and protects the plate from corrosion when not in use.

How do I light my OFYR?
When you light the OFYR for the first time it is important to start with a small fire and let it burn for 20-25 mins before adding more fuel. This allows the cooking plate to change its shape gradually as it heats. Because the inner and outer edges of the plate heat up at different rates, it is normal that some distortion will occur. The centre of the ring dips towards the fire by design. Excess oil will run towards the fire and burn off.

What oil shall I use on the OFYR?
It is best to use vegetable oil for cooking, one with a high smoking point such as sunflower, grapeseed, or safflower oil. To create a nice brown/black colour on the plate, it is advisable to use olive oil the first time you burn the plate.

How long does it take for the OFYR to be ready for cooking?
Once the OFYR is lit, allow 30-45 mins for the plate to reach the maximum cooking temperature of 250-300 °C. The hottest area of the plate is towards the middle. The plate will bend slightly as it heats, causing a shallow dip towards its centre. This does not affect the cooking process , and the plate will return to its normal shape once cooled.

How do I finish cooking?
The easiest way to extinguish the fire is to let it burn itself out, or place the optional cover on top of the plate. To extinguish the fire quickly you can pour some water over the cone. This will not cause any damage but be prepared for a lot of smoke and ash.

What is the best wood to use?
Any hardwood with birch, oak and larch providing a good all round smoky flavor is recommended.

Can you leave the OFYR in the rain?
OFYR can be left outdoors and uncovered in all weather conditions. The base improves with direct contact to the elements. The cooking surface once burnt in has a natural resistance to the elements. You should oil the plate twice a year for optimal performance and to protect from all the elements.

How do I clean my OFYR?
OFYR is simple to clean and requires virtually no maintenance. Food scraps and excess oil go into the fire - all you need to do is wipe the OFYR with a damp cloth and it’s ready for the next cook. During a cook a scraper is useful to both clean the surface but also turn and move food. Ash can be removed using a dustpan and brush, without removing the plate.

Why does my plate feel sticky?
The new plate can feel rather sticky , as this has already been treated with vegetable oil in our factory to form a protective layer.

Can I use charcoal as well to cook on the OFYR?
Yes, Charcoal can be used to cook on the OFYR as well. However, the OFYR will not be able to reach heat up to 572 degrees F. such as when using Oak Wood. ­ 

Will the OFYR be rusty when delivered?
Yes, we leave the OFYR outside at the factory to let the corrosion process occur naturally. Therefore, the OFYR will already be protected from the elements when delivered to our customers.