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Jardin Majorelle Boutique

Tucked into the courtyard of the public area of the Jardin Majorelle is a small boutique curated by Bernard Sanz. For years responsible for locating, selecting, and at Yves Saint Laurent’s request, Mr. Sanz has cultivated local designers and delivered an exquisite range of YSL inspired products including luxurious handmade colorful leather handbags imitating the Moroccan pouf, silk embroidered fine wool shawls, hand hammered silver jewelry, and adorable ultra soft baby slippers embroidered with a tribute to YSL’s annual tradition of sending friends and family New Year’s love theme postcards. Beyond the gorgeous craftsmanship of this gift shop is a quiet mission. During the 1980’s height of the AIDS epidemic, YSL lost many of his friends. This is a charitable boutique raising money and funneling its profits to fund HIV and AIDS clinics throughout Morocco.

Rue Yves Saint Laurent 
Marrakech, Morocco
212 (0) 524-31-30-47

The Villa Oasis

Only the lucky few have a chance to visit YSL’s private home & gardens. Private Tours may be arranged wIth the director of the Majorelle Foundation for guests of The Royal Mansour. The YSL & Berber Museums and the public areas of the Jardin Majorelle are worthy excursions in their own right.

Featured Collection

Farmhouse Pottery
Farmhouse Pottery is an Old World pottery with simple tools and strong beliefs in process and authenticity.

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