Setting a Holiday Table

Set the Table, Set the Mood

Setting a Holiday Tablescape

At Weston Table, we believe the best things happen around the table. It is the place we gather with friends and family to laugh, to make memories, and to connect deeply with one another. This holiday season, while we are encouraged to share our favorite holidays more intimately, they will certainly be every bit as meaningful. Our thoughts on celebrating with intention, meaning and heart include gatherings with as much effort put into the ambience as the food, and need for the host or hostess to self-care by sharing the day’s awesome responsibilities.

Plaid Tidings to You (and Your Table)

Who doesn't love a beautiful tablescape?  It is a little gift to everyone sitting at the table. This year, we are sharing a “Plaid Tidings” theme. Rich tartans always add a touch of nostalgia and an everyman feel to the tablescape – after all, it has been around since the fifth century and is adored by Game of Thrones fans, punk rockers, the Beach Boys, and Her majesty the Queen. Draping an easy care, yet beautiful black watch plaid runner down the center of the table and pairing it with matching plaid napkins is a handsome, classic that meets to perfection the intersection of heirloom quality and modern life (no longer just for festive occasions, black watch plaid is an always stylish choice for relaxed summer picnics and fall backyard barbeques, so the investment may be repurposed).

The only part of the tablescape best left to do Christmas morning is foraging the backyard for branches, berries, and twigs to use as natural decorations. Bringing a bit of nature inside adds an organic, comforting feel to the tablescape, and, best of all, foraging the outdoors for material is cost-effective and a fabulous activity in which to involve friends and family. Adding some autumn color and texture to the table, either tied with twine on each plate or down the center, complements the feast and adds warmth and charm to a table. Expert Tip: Set the table at least a day in advance (or a week to enjoy the festive decor a bit longer!). Layout all the platters and serveware you will need for each of the dishes (including those arriving in plastic or other unsightly containers and label each with a Post-It note. This time-consuming (yet, supremely satisfying for the host) task is now checked off the list.