Inspired by Wine Country

Guardians of the Grape

Guardians of the Grape

It is the wine that leads me on,

the wild wine

that sets the wisest man to sing

at the top of his lungs,

laugh like a fool - it drives the

man to dancing... it even

tempts him to blurt out

stories better never told.

 Homer, The Odyssey

Wine is sunlight, held together by water.

Galileo Galilei


An unexpected and breathtaking Napa Valley panorama of converging geological formations unfolds into a landscape revealing Promontory, the world’s most beautiful and America’s most coveted vineyard.


From the Promontory outlook, nature’s vast, unadulterated beauty expands like the drama of an Ansel Adams black and white photograph, the poetic light dancing effect of a 19th century J.M.W. Turner landscape painting, and the magical realism of Nobel Prize winning novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s written words combined. 


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