Retro Red Holiday Lantern Weston Table

2020 Holiday Gift Shop

 4th of July Food

4th of July Food

5 Piece Place Setting

 WT x Simon Pearce Skis Ascutney Double Old-Fashioned Set Weston Table

A Bourbon Affair

 WT Fireside Hot Cocoa Gift Box Weston Table

A Hug from the Inside

 Pewter Pigs Salt & Pepper Shakers Weston Table

A Much-Needed Sense of Humor

 Seedlip Spice 94 Weston Table

A Taste of Fall

 Maileg Ironing Board & Iron Weston Table


 Farmhouse Pottery Pantry Bowls Weston Table

Acorn Squash, Arugula, and Maple Cider Vinaigrette

 Acushla Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Weston Table


 WT Après Ski Gift Box Weston Table

Add Some Altitude

 Simon Pearce Addison Vase Weston Table


 Vintage French Farmhouse Willow Basket Weston Table

Adopt the Pace of Nature

 Staub Cast Iron 9.5" x  6.75" Oval Baking Dish Weston Table

Al Forno's Pasta in the Pink

 Alimrose Linen Pearl Cuddle Bunny Weston Table


 AE Ceramics

Alison Evans

 WT Olive Wood Bowl Petal Dish Weston Table


 French Square Handle Chop Board 1930 Weston Table

All Aboard

 Conservas Portugal Norte Sardines in Wood Gift Box Weston Table

All American Charcuterie and Cheese Board

 Staub Cast Iron 4 Quart Round Cocotte Weston Table

All American Chili

 Sew Heart Felt Swan Slippers Weston Table

All Creatures Great and Small

 Mepra Vintage Bronze Pewter Butter Knife Weston Table

All Promotion

 Save the Bees Garden Art Weston Table

All the Buzz

 Farmhouse Pottery Silo Pasta Bowl Weston Table

All the Pasta-bilities

 Farmhouse Pottery Silo Pitcher with Vermont Maple Syrup Weston Table

Almond Griddle Cakes with Honey Caramelized Stone Fruit

 MATCH Pewter Acorn Spoon Weston Table

Almond Jello with Syrupy Cherries

 Olival da Risca Olive Oil Weston Table

American Cassoulet

 American Heirloom Hardwood Walnut Thick Base Cake Stand 10" Weston Table

American Heirloom Cake Stands

 Mosser Eye Winker Goblet Set Weston Table

American Made

 Alison Evans Traditional Oyster Platter Mint and Tortoise Weston Table

American Oyster Plates

 Mosser Glass Georgia Blue Cake Stand Weston Table

Angel Cake with Meringue Frosting

Antique Books

Antique Copper

 Myrtlewood Bushel Basket Weston Table

Apple of My Eye

 Staub Cast Iron Pumpkin Cocotte Weston Table

Apples and Pumpkins, Oh My!

 WT x Bramby Supply Co. Selvedge Denim & Leather Apron Weston Table


 From The Land The Architecture of Backen Gillam And Kroeger Weston Table

Architecture & Design Books

 Simon Pearce Ascutney Double Old Fashioned Custom Engraved Set Weston Table


 OFYR Tabl'O Table Grill Weston Table

At-Home Dining

 WT Simple Gifts Napkins Weston Table

At-Home Entertaining

 David Fussenegger Gondola Reversible Throw Weston Table


 Sabre Paris Royal Stewart Tartan Cocktail Fork Set Weston Table

Autumn Charcuterie and Cheese Platter Recipe

 Simon Pearce Waterbury Hurricane Weston Table

Autumn Entertaining

 Simon Pearce Pumpkin with a Twist Weston Table

Autumn Harvest Inspiration

 Klong Copper Patina Oil Lamps Weston Table

Autumn Tablescape

 WT Olive Wood Bowl Petal Dish Weston Table

Autumn Tablescape

 Faribault Navy and Natural Plaid Wool Throw Weston Table

Autumn Textiles

 Sew Heart Felt Fairy Edelweiss Slippers Weston table


 Baby & Child Weston Table

Baby & Child

Baby & Child Landing

 Jacobsen Salt Co. Pure Flake Finishing Sea Salt Weston Table

Baby Arugula, Parmesan, and Cranberry Salad

 Farmhouse Pottery Silo Pitcher with Vermont Maple Syrup Weston Table

Baby Bear's Porridge

 WT Baby Koala Rescue Gift Box Grey Weston Table

Baby Shower Gifts

 Eco-Friendly Wooden Rabbit Child Plate Weston Table

Baby Spoons, Cups, Plates & Bowls

Bags & Totes

 Commercial Grade Baking Sheet Pans

Bake More. Worry Less.

 Apples Weston Table

Baking Cookbooks

Bar Essentials

 1940s Rose Point Cambridge Etched Cordials Weston Table

Bar Glasses

 Farmhouse Pottery Woodland Wine Topper Weston Table

Bar Tools

 Simon Pearce Barre Bowl Weston Table


 MATCH Pewter Chalice Weston Table


 WT x Simon Pearce Skis Ascutney Double Old-Fashioned Set Weston Table

Barware & Drinkware

 Mid Century Holmegaard Modern Square Handled Pitcher Weston Table

Barware & Glassware

 Arte Italica Round Basket Bowl Weston Table


 Vintage French Zinc Grape Harvesting Basket Weston Table

Baskets and Grape Hods

 Napa Soap Company All Natural Soap Bar Weston Table


 Morihata Lattice Towels Navy Weston Table

Bath & Towels

 Huxter Santa Hats Bar of soap from Weston Table

Bath, Soaps & Lotions

 TBJ Gourmet Uncured Bacon Jam Weston Table

Be Jammin'!

 MATCH Pewter Heart Frame Weston Table

Be Mine, Valentine

 Matouk Amado Beach Towel Weston Table

Beach Towels

 Matouk Bel Tempo Sham Navy Weston Table

Bed Linens

 WT Beehive Flour Sack Towel Weston Table

Bee Inspired

 Bee's Wrap Weston Table

Bee's Wrap

 Beehive Handmade Duckling Pewter Baby Cup Weston Table

Beehive Handmade Baby & Child

 Simon Pearce Norwich Tall Beaker Weston Table


 MATCH Pewter Half Pint Beer Glass Weston Table

Beer Glasses

 Grrrona Haute Diggity Dog Toy Weston Table

Beer to Drink before You Die

 WT Behring Oyster Knife Blue Giraffe Bone

Behring Handmade

 Berard French Olivewood Honey Dipper Weston Table


 Berti Champagne Saber Weston Table

Berti Knives

Best Wishes for Years Filled with Lasting Joy

Beyond the Basics

 Morihata Haikara Little Handkerchief Weston Table

Bibs & Towels

 Farmhouse Pottery Silo Pasta Bowl Weston Table

Big Mama Truffle Pasta Recipe

 Bubbly Gold Metallic Finish Weston Table

Bivalves & Bubbles

 MATCH Pewter Jigger Weston Table

Blackberry Mojito Recipe

 In2Green Fair Isle Throw Weston Table


 John Hanly Border Check Baby Blanket Weston Table

Blankets & Swaddles

 Farmhouse Pottery Pantry Bowls Weston Table

Blueberry Mousse Cheesecake

 Farmhouse Pottery Pantry Bowls Weston Table

Bobotie Recipe


 Bordallo Pinheiro Concave Cabbage Leaf Plate Weston Table

Bordallo Pinheiro

 Bordallo Pinheiro Cabbage Domed Cheese Tray Weston Table

Bordallo Pinheiro Cabbage Collection

 Oliver Pluff & Co. Iced Sun Tea Weston Table

Bountiful Summer Harvest

 WT Barrel-Aged Bourbon and Rye Maple Syrup Weston Table

Bourbon Maple Syrup and Sea Salt Popcorn Recipe

 MATCH Pewter Revere Bowl Weston Table

Bowls & Basins

 Brahms Mount Acadia Organic Cotton Baby Blanket Weston Table

Brahm's Mount

 Farmhouse Pottery Pantry Bowls Weston Table

Braided Nutella Bread

 Staub Cast Iron 3.75 Quart Cochon Braiser with Pig Knob Black Matte Weston Table


 Pendleton National Park Beanies Weston Table

Brave the Cold

 Wozz! Gourmet Salsas and Sauces Weston Table

Brie and Balsamic Fig Mostarda

 Commercial Grade Baking Sheet Pans

Brie with Figs, Pistachios, and Walnuts

 Retro Red Holiday Lantern Weston Table

Bright Ideas: Gifts For the Intellectual

 Simon Pearce Bristol Goblet Weston Table


 Brooklyn Copper Cookware 3 Quart Rondeau with Lid Weston Table

Brooklyn Copper Cookware

Buckets & Basins

 Simon Pearce Highgate Heart Bud Vase in Gift Box Weston Table

Bud Vases

Bunnies & Rabbits

 Sabre Paris Red Gingham Bread Knife

Burrata with Blood Oranges and Lavender Oil Recipe

 La Rochere Bee Butter Dish Weston Table

Butter Dishes

 MATCH Pewter Tea Light Candle Holder Weston Table

Butter Lettuce and Frisee with Poached Egg and Lardons Recipe

 Commercial Grade Baking Sheet Pans

Buttermilk Brined Roasted Turkey

 Olival da Risca Olive Oil Weston Table

Butternut Squash Soup

Buy Once, Buy Right Cast Iron Cookware Wedding

 Farmhouse Pottery Crafted Woodland Smoker Weston Table

By the Chimney with Care

Cake Domes

 Mosser Milk White Glass Cake Stand Weston Table

Cake Platters

 Sabre Paris Lilac Paquerette Tart Server Weston Table

Cake Servers

Cake Stands For Life’s Celebrations

 Mosser Milk White Glass Cake Stand Weston Table

Cake Stands, Platters & Domes

Cake, Tart & Pie Servers

 Camp Craft Cocktails Weston Table

Camp Craft Cranberry Martini

 America National Parks Leather Bound Edition Weston Table

Camping Collection

 WT Piggy Canapé Plates Weston Table

Canapé Plates

 WT Après Ski Canapé Plates Weston Table

Canapé Plates, Coasters & Trivets

 Cire Trudon Madeline Candle Weston Table


 WT Apothecary Balsam Fir Candle

Candles, Diffusers & Snuffers

 MATCH Pewter Siena Pillar Candlestick Weston Table


 Candylab Toys Taco Truck Weston Table

Candylab Toys

 MATCH Pewter Glass Canister Weston Table


 William Yeoward Crystal Classic Ship's Decanter Weston Table

Carafes & Decanters

 Fran's Dessert Sauces Weston Table

Caramel & Sea Salt Meringues

 Farmhouse Pottery Silo Soup Mug Weston Table

Caramelized Onion Soup with Clothbound Cheddar

 Carola van Dyke Deer Violet Sika Weston Table

Carola van Dyke

 Farmhouse Pottery Pantry Bowls Weston Table

Carrot Cake with Candied Carrot Ribbons

 Forge de Laguiole Olive Wood Carving Set Weston table

Carving Knives

 Kitchen Garden Farm Organic Sriracha

Casually Setting the Table

 Jacobsen Salt Co. Pure Kosher Sea Salt Weston Table

Cauliflower Nachos with Pickled Jalapeños

Ceramic Vases

 New York Stoneware Utensil Jar Weston Table


 Champagne by Peter Liem Weston Table


 MATCH Pewter Champagne Bucket Weston Table

Champagne Cheers

 Retro Baccarat Piccadilly Cocktail Glasses Weston Table

Champagne Glasses

 Vintage A&K Cooperage Provence Platter Weston Table

Charcuterie and Cheese Boards

 MATCH Pewter Condiment Uno with Glass Insert Weston Table

Charcuterie Essentials

 Charvet Editions Piano Dark Chocolate Napkins

Charvet Editions

 Sabre Paris Red Gingham 5 Piece Place Setting Weston Table

Check, please!

 Maine Lobster Kit Weston Table

Cheers to 2022

 MATCH Pewter Custom Engraved Cocktail Shaker Weston Table

Cheers to the Holiday Season

 MATCH Pewter Lucia Parmesan Cheese Knife Weston Table

Cheese Knives

 L'Hirondelle Retro Cheese Plates Set of 5 Weston Table

Cheese Plates

 Dardimans California Crispy Citrus Slices Weston Table

Cheese Tools

 French Square Handle Chop Board 1930 Weston Table

Cheese, Dessert, and Charcuterie Boards

 Bordallo Pinheiro Cabbage Domed Cheese Tray Weston Table

Cheesemongers, Charcutiers, & Vintners

 Simon Pearce Chelsea Optic Vase Weston Table


 Lobster Puzzle Weston Table


 MATCH Pewter Cocktail Strainer Weston Table

Chiltern Firehouse Negroni Recipe

 Vintage Rabbit Riding Rooster Chocolate Mold Weston Table

Chocolate Molds

 Blueberry Hill Hartley Deer Knit Hat Weston Table

Clothing, Hats & Slippers

 Farmhouse Pottery Pantry Bowls Weston Table

Cloud Eggs with Bacon Jam and Pimento Cheese Spread Recipe

 Torciano White Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil Weston Table

Coast to Coast Clam Chowder


Cocktail Shakers